eHealth time:10 benefits that support the health system

All of the trends in the field of health suggest that 2014 will be a great year for eHealth. Many articles closing 2013 and opening 2014 alluded towards this principle. However, what really brings eHealth to all of those involved in it (institutions, health personnel, physicians, patients)?
While answering this question can invite a large debate with many different responses, we will simply list some benefits that we believe pertain to eHealth.

1. It offers better results in various fields. Especially for the prevention and prognosis of illnesses through new technologies.

2. It makes the health system much more personal. Patients are no longer referred to as a simple number in place of their first and last names. Their information is more accessible and they can Access more services and information tan ever before.

3. It makes medical records and patient data more accessible. Finally, an end to the limiting space and time barrier.

4. It empowers citizens. Citizens who are patients can influence the evolution, adaptation, and decisions of services related to health care.

5. It supports health policies. Support is given to health policies related to the needs of citizens who require caregiving and to telematics service management.

6. It guarantees the right of citizens to health care. Regardless of their personal condition.

7. It facilitates geographic mobility. No matter where you are, you can receive care without having to travel to a particular physical location.

8. It promotes equal opportunities for all. Through its seamless accessibility.

9. It enables safe following. Rest assured that data regarding the medical monitoring of patients, in real time, is safely stored.

10. It increases the speed of medical attention and accessibility. So you can avoid waiting to receive a consultation or a second diagnosis.

Do you think that there are more benefits? What are they? What do you think we missed along the way?